Watanabe Productions Co., Ltd. (株式会社渡辺プロダクション Kabushiki-gaisha Watanabe Purodakushon) is a multimedia management company in Japan dealing in recordings, films, television, music publishing and artist management as well as the main subsidiary of the Watanabe Production Group.

Formed by bandleader Shin Watanabe and his wife Misa Watanabe in 1955, the company has become one of the most influential of its kind in Japan. It is referred to informally in Japanese as Nabe-pro (ナベプロ, nabepuro).

Talent clients Edit

  • Yukiko Iwai, former member of Onyanko Club
  • Sonoko Kawai, former member of Onyanko Club
  • Alan Merrill, recording artist with Watanabe Productions 1969-71
  • Kenji Sawada, former member of The Tigers
  • Koji Seto, member of D-Boys

Group subsidiaries Edit

  • Watanabe Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Watanabe Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Watanabe Kikaku Co., Ltd.
  • Izawa Office Co., Ltd.
  • Iwappara Ski Resort
  • The Works Co., Ltd.
  • Sound City Co., Ltd.
  • Watanabe Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Mates Co., Ltd.
  • Mania Mania Inc.
  • Top Coat Co., Ltd.
  • Watanabe Music Culture Forum Foundation

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