Wang XinYi
Chinese name: 王馨漪
Date of birth: 25 June 1988 (age 26)
Nationality China
Place of Birth Beijing, China
Occupation Model, actress
Education Beijing Geely University
Gender: Female
Height: 173cm
Weight: 52kg

Wang Xin Yi (王馨漪) was born on June 25, 1988 and is currently 26 years old. She is a model and actress from Beijing, China, and graduated from Beijing Geely University.

Life Edit

Career Edit

Wang Xin Yi has posed for a number of magazines (昕薇MOOK, Taobao, Pink Lady《粉红佳人杂志》, etc.), featured in several major advertisements (China Mobile M-Zone, Nissan Motors, etc.) and appeared in some TV programs (腾讯网《时尚世界杯》, 湖南卫视《我是大美人》, 江苏卫视《天才会美丽》, 《非诚勿扰2》etc.) She was also in the movie "Mermaid Island".

Appearance Edit

She is known for her delicate and pretty features, porcelain skin, her willowy figure, and huge captivating eyes.


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