Tiffany Tang
Chinese name: 唐嫣
Date of birth: December 6, 1983 (age 31)
Nationality China
Place of Birth Shanghai, China
Occupation Actress, model
Label Tang Yan Studio
Education Beijing Film Academy
Gender: Female
Height: 172cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood type: O

Tiffany Tang (born December 6, 1983), also known as Tang Yan, is a Chinese actress. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2006, majoring in "art of performance". In 2007 she was nominated for the White Magnolia Award (白玉兰奖) for Best Actress at the Shanghai International Film Festival for her film debut in Farewell for Love. She left her company Orange Sky Entertainment Group mid-2012 to set up her own studio.

Career Edit

Tang acted in many television series in her early time, including her Feng Man Lou, Zhen Guan Chang Ge, and Meili Cungu. In 2005, she acted in a drama Paint Still not Dry and played the major role of Susan. Known in the mainland china as one of the four Fadan, the other being Yang Mi, Qi Wei, and Liu Shishi, she is considered to be a prominent rising actress of her time. In 2006, Tang received praise for her acting in her film debut Farewell for Love. In 2007, she performed as the lead female role in the music video Zhu Xian with Taiwanese actor-singer Richie Ren, and then soon came to the forefront, particularly in Hong Kong and Macau. Tang Yan quickly rose to fame in the popular wuxia-fantasy drama Chinese Paladin 3 in which she starred as Zi Xuan a decedent of the Nuwa Goddess that spent three lifetimes in love with Wallace Huo character's who was reincarnated as a priest for three lifetimes. The wuxia-fantasy drama of Tang Yan and Wallace Huo characters drew in much attention from the public and critics through the rich and heart-warming story line.

In 2010-2011 Tang Yan became more influential in her career starring in the drama My Daughter(also known as Xia Family Three Daughters, Xia Jia San Qian Jin and Ai Qing Zhen Shan Mei) which had depicted for two seasons of 40 episodes per season. Her breakthrough role in this drama allowed her to receive many awards and contributed to her popularity as an actress where she was offered many roles for later projects. Tang Yan's career continues to further on with many great projects gaining much attention in mainland china.

Tang Yan has continued to stay in close contact with many of her former co-stars such as Yang Mi, Hu Ge and Wallace Huo. With her close friendship with them Tang Yan had been invited to participate in their own drama productions. Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky a television drama adaption of the popular RPG produced by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, Hu Ge's company invited her to star with him. In 2013 Tang Yan received a phone call from Wallace Huo to star as his leading female with him in his first drama production Perfect Couple (Chinese Drama) written by Tong Hua (writer) known as the genius screenwriter behind Scarlet Heart. Tang Yan quickly agreed to the role before even knowing the characterization of the role and the story-line. The news of the drama quickly drew attention as fans of Tang Yan and Wallace Huo from Chinese Paladin 3 have eagerly waited for 5 years for the two to be paired again on-screen. The drama aired on April 21 of 2014. Tang Yan has broadened her career by taking upon more large screen appearance such as starring along Liu Yifei and Rain in the film Difficult Love.

It was reported that Tang Yan would possibly star in Painted Skin 3 reuniting her with fellow actresses Yang Mi and Cecilia Liu. Tang Yan has been keeping busy with several drama upcoming drama projects as the female lead in The Legend of Fragrance and The Lost Tomb starring alongside Li Yi Feng for both dramas, Tang Yan is also participating in the live adaptation of GuMan's novel (Silent Separation)starring alongside Wallace Chung and joining a high budget production Diamond Lovers starring alongside Rain the drama is set to film in several cities such as Shanghai, Belgium and Seoul, filming begins in December.

Filmography Edit


Year Title Role Notes 2006 Farewell for Love


Hu Yan
2007 Bullet & Brain


2007 Dangerous Games


2008 Dowry


2008 Qingchun Chuji 2 Shengsi Jiuzhu


Ying Jia
2009 Looking for Jackie


2009 The Storm Warriors


Chu Chu
2010 Let Love Go Home


Ye Xiao Bin
2011 Preserve


Tangtang mini-movie
2011 East Meets West 2011


Ya Qiao
2012 Finding Love Li Hui internet movie
2014 For Love or Money TBA Supporting Role
2016 Painted Skin 3 TBA

Television[edit] Edit

Year Title Role Notes 2005 Meili Cungu


Tian Mu
2006 Feng Man Lou


Zhou Yutong
2007 Zhen Guan Chang Ge


Caiji also known as The Story of Zhen Guan
2007 Caoyuan Chun Lai Zao


Hasi Gaowa also known as Spring Comes Early in Grassland
2008 Modern Lady


Li Wei also known as Modern Beauty
2009 Meiyou Yuyan De Shenghuo


Zhu Ling also known as Life Without Language
2009 Born after the 80s


An Wen
2009 Chinese Paladin 3


2010 Pandamen


Lia Lee
2010 Mengxiang Guangrong 1942


Zhao Dongmei also known as Dream to Be Honorable 1942
2010 Shan Hun


Han Jinbei also known as Lightning Marriage
2011 My Daughter


Xia Tianmei
2011 My Daughter II


Xia Tianmei
2011 Ad Mania


Ruan Xinli
2011 Unbeatable


Tang Qiqi
2011 Waking Love Up


Liu Xiaobei
2012 Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar Of Sky


Dugu Ningke
2012 A Beauty in Troubled Times


Zhang Lian Xin also known as Luan Shi Jia Ren
2012 Agent X


Zhong Li
2013 Mian Bao Shu De Nü Ren


Cheng Yun also known as Woman on the Breadfruit Tree
2013 The Lady in Cubicle


Tan Bin
2014 Across Heaven and Earth


Tang Yi Yi guest
2014 Perfect Couple


Yu Qilin
2014 Lady and the Liar


Jiang Xin
2015 Die Xiang


Le Yan also known as 蝶香 The Legend of Fragrance
2015 My Sunshine


Zhao Mo Sheng Based off the short internet novel "Silent Separation (何以笙箫默)" by Gu Man
2015 The Lost Tomb


A-Ling Tang Yan will star as the Leading Lady alongside Li Yi Feng
2016 Diamond Lover


Mi Duor Tang Yan will star as the Leading Lady alongside Rain

Achievements Edit

In 2001, she took part in the "Shulei Century Star" Chinese Grand Beauties Competition, with the "Top Champion" awarded at the end. In 2004, she was selected as one of the 14 "Olympic Babies" by director Zhang Yimou and then performed in the grand "Chinese eight minutes" program at the closure of the Athens Olympic Games. In 2007 the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival, Tang was nominated both the best TV play actress and the best movie actress at the same time for the Film and Television Festival in Shanghai Tang Yan with "Parting is love" in the best performance, access to the "Magnolia Award" nominations for best TV movie actress. Within that same year Tang Yan became the Spring Festival Party image ambassador for Beijing.

Awards and Nominations Edit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2001 Shulei Century Star National Championship National Beauty Contest Nominated
2007 14th Beijing Student Film Festival Best Actress TV Film N/A Nominated
2008 2nd Hua Ding Awards Best New Actress Modern Lady Nominated
2008 Forbes Celebrity Award Most Promising N/A Won
2010 LeTV Awards Most Popular TV Actress N/A Won
2010 5th Hua Ding Awards Top 10 New Spirit Artist N/A Won
2011 Anhui TV Drama Awards Favorite Actress: Mainland Xia Family Three Daughters (My Daughter) Won
2011 Anhui TV Drama Awards Favorite Screen Couple - Roy Chiu, Tiffany Tang Xia Family Three Daughters (My Daughter) Nominated
2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Spring Favorite Actress Xia Family Three Daughters (My Daughter) Nominated
2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Spring Best Screen Couple - Roy Chiu Xia Family Three Daughters (My Daughter) Nominated
2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Autumn Best Screen Couple - Hu Ge Unbeatable Nominated
2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Autumn Most Charming Actress Unbeatable Nominated
2012 8th Hua Ding Awards Best TV Actress: Legend Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar Of Sky Nominated
2012 Anhui TV Drama Awards Favorite Actress: Mainland Beauty in Troubled Times Nominated
2012 Anhui TV Drama Awards Favorite Screen Couple - Hu Ge Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar Of Sky Nominated
2012 Anhui TV Drama Awards Media Special Recommended Artist N/A Won
2012 LeTV Awards Most Popular TV Actress Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar Of Sky Won
2012 BQ Celebrity Score Awards Favorite Actress Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar Of Sky Nominated
2013 Anhui TV Drama Awards Sweet Screen Couple - Luo Jin Agent X Nominated
2013 Anhui TV Drama Awards Most Valuable Actress N/A Won
2013 Anhui TV Drama Awards Most Popular Actress N/A Nominated
2013 Asian Idol Awards Favorite Actress N/A Won
2013 2013 BQ Celebrity Score Awards Favorite Actress N/A Won
2014 Anhui Tv Drama Awards The Four Tv Goddesses Awardees N/A Won

Gallery Edit

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