Sayaka Ando (安藤 沙耶香 Andō Sayaka, born 24 May 1981 in Takasaki, Gunma and raised in Sendai, Japan) is a formerJapanese gravure idol and fashion model. She made her debut in Eternal in 2004.

She is a graduate of Miyagi Gakuin Women's University.

Personal life Edit

She delivered her first child in September 2012, and her second in November 2014.

Works Edit

DVDs Edit

  • [2004.12.24] Eternal
  • [2005.03.25] Lesson 2
  • [2005.06.20] Healing Venus
  • [2005.10.28] Aqua
  • [2005.12.25] Ando Sayaka Collection Box
  • [2006.04.21] Fascino
  • [2006/08/22] Toi Kimi no Kioku
  • [2007/02/16] Duet
  • [2007/10/26] Day
  • [2007/12/19] Night
  • [2008/03/12] Poison

Photobooks Edit

  • [2005.04.xx] Mitsu no A

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