Qi Wei
Chinese name: 戚薇
Date of birth: 26 October, 1984 (34)
Nationality China
Place of Birth Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Occupation Singer, actress
Years active 2006 - present
Label PKU Starlight Group
Education Zhejiang University Of Media and Communications
Gender: Female
Height: 168cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: A

Qi Wei (Chinese: 戚薇; born 26 October 1984 in Chengdu, Sichuan province), also known as Stephy, or 7V, is a Chinese pop star. Qi became a celebrity in 2006 after appearing in a Dongfang TV talent show in Shanghai.

Music Works Edit

Music fiction Edit

  • Tea Love (2007)

Albums Edit

  • Beauty and the Geek (2008)
  1. Beauty and the Geek (with Yuan Chengjie)
  2. The Bund 18 (with Yuan)
  3. With You by My Side (with Yuan)
  4. If You Are the Sky (with Yuan)
  5. Sweet Burden (with Yuan)
  6. Cupid (with Yuan)
  • 2U (2009)
  1. Both Side of Love (with Yuan)
  2. Love Affairs (with Yuan)
  3. Fantastic Fortune (with Yuan)
  4. Barbera (with Yuan)
  5. Rouge Bank
  6. Three People
  • Dream ON Y VA

Singles Edit

  • "Be Half of You" (with Yuan in 2010)
  • "Fiction and Fact" (with Yuan in 2010)
  • "Perfect Match" (with Yuan in 2010)

Television and film appearances Edit

Television series Edit

  • Calls Visionary (2006), played the role of Qi Wei
  • Summer's Desire (2009), played the role of Ou Chen’s fake girlfriend
  • A Good Wife and Mother (2009), played the role of Zheng Kelian
  • Schemes of a Beauty (2009), played the role of Princess Wantao
  • Wu Xie Ke Ji Zhi Mei Nv Ru Yun (2010), played the role of You Xiaorou
  • The Three Daughters of the Xia (2010), played the role of Xia Youshan
  • True Love (2010), played the role of Xia Youshan
  • Wu Xie Ke Ji Zhi Gao Shou Ru Lin (2011), played the role of Ye Rou
  • Love Awakes (2011), played the role of Mu Zhiqing
  • Love Comes Back (2014)

Films Edit

  • Chongqing Beauty (2009), played the role of Sha Ruoxin
  • Coming Back (2011), played the role of Nie Yinniang
  • On My Way (2012)
  • Substitute Millionaire (2012)
  • Broadcasting Girl (2014)

Endorsements Edit

  • K-GOLD (2007)
  • NOKIA (2007)
  • FAIRWHARE (2007)
  • SHU UEMURA (2007)
  • CANON (2008)
  • MAYBELLINE (2008)
  • NESTLE (2009)
  • LONGINES (2009)
  • TISSOT (2009)
  • JASONWOOD (2010)
  • SEMIR (2010)
  • YIN LE DI KTV (2010)
  • THE TAILOR BIRD (2011)

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