Puffy AmiYumi

Puffy AmiYumi 2008

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Puffy AmiYumi is a Japanese J-Pop / J-Rock girl group who was formed in 1996. They are very successful for there TV show Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and there releases of albums made in both Japan and America. Puffy AmiYumi is Yumi Yoshimura, and Ami Onuki who were made famous from the group but are also famous outside of the group.

Yumi Yoshimura and Ami Onuki did there own solo songs on some of there albums as well as singing together. They made there own TV show Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi which was popular in all over the world. The show was made in America with 3 seasons and 39 episodes. Even though it was there show, they didn't play the voices of Ami and Yumi, Ami and Yumi were played by Janice Kawaye and Grey Delisle.

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