Park Shin-hye (Hangul박신혜; born February 18, 1990) is a South Korean actress, singer and dancer. She is best known for her leading roles in the television dramas You're Beautiful (2009), Heartstrings (2011), Flower Boys Next Door (2013), The Heirs (2013) and Pinocchio (2014-2015).

Early life[edit]Edit

Park Shin-hye was born in Gwangju, but raised in Songpa DistrictSeoul. Shin-hye made her debut through the music video "Flower" by the singer Lee Seung-hwan and stepped into the entertainment world.[1] Afterwards, she got a formal training in singing, dancing and acting.[2] She currently majors in Theater and Film at Chung-Ang University.


Park's fame came when she played the younger version of the character Han Jung-suh in the popular Korean drama Stairway to Heaven. She also starred in a drama series called Tree of Heaven which aired on SBS, starring her former co-star in Stairway to HeavenLee Wan.[3] The show had decent ratings, and the reviews and criticism were mixed, but mostly positive. Many critics keyed in on her portrayal of the character Hana's pain of loving her step brother Yoon-suh (Lee Wan) as brilliantly done. She was also praised for speaking her lines in fluent Japanese despite the fact she does not speak the language herself. It should also be noted that due to the age difference between her and Wan, romantic scenes such as kissing on the lips could not occur, where had it been an older actress, such scenes may have occurred. Tree of Heaven started with borderline mediocre ratings, as do many new Korean dramas, but went on to finish very respectably, and gained a fan base in Korea, which further helped Park's credibility and young career in acting. The series was also aired in Japan giving Park more exposure abroad.[4][5] Since then, Park has done many commercials (CF) and modeled for a number of Asian companies.

Through her roles and their requirements, Park has displayed an instinctive talent for dancing and martial arts. She has also released a digital single, "Prayer", a song she sang in the drama Tree of Heaven. However, the track was not released in the official OST.

Park made her big screen debut in the movie Evil Twin, a summer horror flick where she had 2 roles: one as the main character, and the other as the ghost of the main character's sister, who haunts the other sister after her death. Park was extremely happy to act in this movie, because she had always wanted to act in a period setting drama or movie. In January 2007, Park starred as one of the four main characters in Goong S, a spin-off (not the sequel) to the wildly successful Goong. The series did not match the success of its original, and received borderline ratings. However, the drama was the most re-watched and replayed series in the first half of 2007, gaining fame after the first run.


Park later gained more popularity through idol drama series You're Beautiful with Jang Keun-suk. The drama increased her popularity worldwide and she also sang the songs Lovely Day (song) and 'Without Words' for the You're Beautiful original soundtrack. In 2010 she starred in the low-budget romantic comedy film Cyrano Agencywhich revolved around a dating agency that helps its customers win the hearts of the people they desire. The film was a sleeper hit becoming a critical and commercial success attracting 2.7 million admissions nationwide becoming the 8th best selling film of the year.[6] Her 2011 drama Heartstrings began airing on June 29, 2011. Jung Yong-hwa, a co-star from You're Beautiful, played the male lead opposite her.

In 2012, Park was featured in the first three episodes of the show Music and Lyrics with Yoon Gun (윤건) of Korean R&B duo Brown Eyes (브라운아이즈). Music and Lyricsis a reality/romance show that collaborates a top actress and an amazing songwriter to write a one-of-a-kind song in 30 days.[7] Their efforts produced the song "I Think of You" which has never been officially released.

Park joined the cast of the KBS drama special season 3, Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost which was broadcast on July 15. She plays the ghost "Kim Yeon-hwa" who was murdered in a robbery. Yeon-hwa haunted Moon-Ki who was involved in a car accident and lost his memories.[8] Her portrayal of Yeon-hwa won her the "Best One-Act Special Actress" Award at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards.

On October 31, 2012, It was announced that Park would star in the third installment of tvN's "flower boy" series called Flower Boys Next Door, along with actor Yoon Shi Yoon.[9] The drama series aired from January 7 to the 25th of February 2013.


Park starred in Miracle in Cell No. 7 along with veteran Korean actors, such as Ryu Seung-ryongOh Dal-su, and Jung Jin-young. On March 15, 2013, 52 days after the movie's release, ticket sales reached 12.32 million, making it the third highest grossing Korean film of all time then.[10][11][12] She also starred in actor and singer So Ji-sub's music video for his album named "Six o’clock… Playground.[13]

To celebrate her 10th anniversary as an actress, Park hold the '2013 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour: Kiss Of Angel' and tour to four country in Asia. Park is the first female Actress to tour Asia. She is the first actress to embark on such journey. She proved her potentials as she has impressed many viewers and fans with her eloquent speaking, singing, and dancing at various events [14]

Park starred in The Heirs opposite Lee Min-ho, premiering on October 9, 2013. The Heirs climbs until it reached 25.6 percent as one of the top winners among the weekday dramas in 2013.[15] She contributed a song on the OST named "Story" for the mega hit drama. In addition, The SBS drama The Heirs publication right sold to 13 countries abroad. The Heirs achieved the accomplishment of being sold to abroad with the highest price among the Korean dramas broadcast in 2013. Highest price sold to Japan.[16] The Heirs has an accumulated view of one billion views on, a Chinese video watching website.[17]

Park is the first Korean female actress who has amassed more than five million Weibo followers, proving her popularity in China.[18] She was also recognized as "Popular Foreign Actress Award" at the Chinese Anhui TV Drama Awards for drama The Heirs.[19] She sang her Story OST from her drama Heirs at Anhui TV Drama Awards.[20]

Park plays the role of the Queen in the 2014 historical film, The Royal Tailor, with Go SooHan Suk-kyu, and Yoo Yeon-seok.[21] The Royal Tailor is going through a post-production process at the moment and scheduled to be released in January 2015. On September 4, 2014, Park confirmed to play the heroine of SBS’ new television seriesPinocchio. Park won the final confirmation from the broadcaster to play Choi In-ha, the heroine, of the romantic drama alongside actor Lee Jong-suk. The drama portrays the passionate pursuit of justice by young news reporters on the social affairs desk. According to the scenario, Choi has a chronic symptom called "Pinocchio complex," breaking into violent hiccups when she tells lies. The Wednesday-Thursday drama will air the first episode on November.[22]

Park's soaring popularity thanks to The Heirs during the end of 2013 coupled with Pinocchio in 2014 made her first appearance on the Forbes Korea's top 40 most powerful celebrities ranking officially revealed by Forbes Korea in March 2015. Among the top 40 most powerful Korean celebrities in this ranking, Park ranked 36th in earnings, 19th in press exposure, 14th in television exposure and 31st in professionalism criteria which as a whole placed her in the 33rd place of this ranking.[23][24] [25]

Park recently wrapped up shooting for a new movie flick, "Older Brother," with Do Kyung-soo of EXO and Jo Jung-suk.[26]


Television drama[edit]Edit

Year Title Role Network Notes Ref.
2003 Stairway to Heaven Han Jung-suh SBS Young Han Jung-suh
2004 If Wait for the Next Train Again Yeong Ran Ui KBS
Boom N/A SBS
Not Alone N/A Editor`s Daughter
2005 Cute or Crazy Herself
One Fine Day Hee Kyeong MBC
2006 Seoul 1945 Choi Geum-hee KBS1
Tree of Heaven Hana SBS Female lead
Loving Sue N/A
Bicheonmu A Li Shui (Arisu)
2007 Goong S Shin Sae-ryung MBC
Several Questions That Make Us Happy Hyun-ji KBS2
Kimcheed Radish Cubes Jang Sa-ya MBC
2009 You're Beautiful Go Mi-nam / Go Mi-nyu SBS Female Lead
2010 My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox Go Mi-nyu Cameo, Episode 6
High Kick Through the Roof Future Hae-ri MBC Cameo, Episode 119
2011 Heartstrings Lee Gyu-won Female Lead
Hayate the Combat Butler Xiao Zhi / Sanqianyuan Zhi FTV
2012 Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost Yeon-hwa (the ghost) KBS2 One-act Drama Special
The King of Dramas Lead Actress of Graceful Revenge SBS Cameo, Episode 1 [27]
2013 Flower Boys Next Door Go Dok-mi tvN Female Lead
Fabulous Boys Herself FTV /GTV Cameo, Episode 1 [28]
The Heirs Cha Eun-sang SBS Female Lead
2014-2015 Pinocchio Choi In-ha Female Lead


Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2006 Love Phobia Byeon-ja
2007 Evil Twin So-yeon / Hyo-jin
2010 Cyrano Agency Min-yeong
Green Days: Dinosaur and I Oh Yi-rang (voice) Animated Film
2012 Waiting for Jang Joon-hwan Shin-hye Short film
2013 Miracle in Cell No. 7 Ye-seung
One Perfect Day Eun-hee Short film
2014 The Royal Tailor Queen
2015 The Beauty Inside Woo-jin cameo
2016 Older Brother Lee Soo-hyun

Variety shows[edit]Edit

Year Title Role Network Notes Ref.
2004 Nonstop 4 Herself MBC Guest, Episode 73
Inkigayo MC SBS with Lee Seung-gi
2007 Fantastic Partner MBC 2007-2008
Happy Sunday Herself KBS2 Guest, Episode 2
Happy Together Guest
Horror Mission Guest with Tak Jae-hoon
2009 Love Request Herself KBS Episode 582, Charity in Nepal
Melon Music Awards MC N/A with Jang Keun-suk
SBS Gayo Daejeon SBS with Jung Yong-hwa & Kim Heechul
2010 Sunday Sunday Night - Danbi Herself MBC Guest, Episode 11
Happy Together KBS2 Guest with Lee Min-jung, Episode 163
Seoul Cultural Art Awards MC N/A
2011 Win Win Herself KBS2 Guest with Joo Sang-wook, Episode 13
Day Day Up Hunan TV Guest, Chinese Variety Show
Hallyu Dream Concert MC N/A with Ok Taecyeon & Choi Minho
Melon Music Awards N/A with Leeteuk & Yoon Doo-joon
2012 Music and Lyrics Herself MBC Music Guest with Yoon Gun, Episodes 1-3 [29]
Running Man SBS Guest with Lee Seung-gi, Episodes 120-121
Strong Heart SBS Guest with Yoon Shi-yoon and Kim Ji-hoon, Episodes 159-160
TAXI show TvN Guest with Yoon Shi-yoon, Episode 270
Kpop Collection Okinawa MC N/A with Lee Seung-gi
2013 Running Man Herself SBS Guest with Kim Woo-bin & Choi Jin-hyuk, Episode 166
Top Gear Korea 4 XTM Guest, Episode 10
2014 2 Days & 1 Night Herself KBS2 Special Guest, Episode 335 (season 3 episode 14) [30]
Infinite Challenge MBC Guest, Episodes 374 & 383 [31]
Bring You to the Stars Jiangsu TV Guest, Chinese Variety Show
SBS Drama Awards MC SBS with Lee Hwi-jae and Park Seo-joon [32]
2015 Hologram Herself Mnet Guest, Episode 1 [33]
Three Meals a Day Herself tvN Guest, Season 2 Episode 2-3, 16-17 [34][35]
Some Guys Some Girls Herself SBS Guest, Episode 6 [36]


Year Title Network Notes Ref.
2009 It City Park Shin Hye in New Caledonia: Take It Paradise O'live TV
2011 STOP HUNGER MBC Charity in Ghana
2012 It City Park Shin Hye Healing Trip to Hong Kong O'live TV
2013 Photo Camping Log OnStyle with Park Se-young

Music videos[edit]Edit

Year Song Title Artist Notes Ref.
2001 "Do You Love?" Lee Seung-hwan
2003 "Flower"
2004 "I Ask Myself"
"Fake Love Song" Fortune Cookie
2006 "Letter" Kim Jong-kook
2008 "Saechimtteki" 45RPM
2009 "Call Me" Taegoon
"Super Star"
2012 "Alone in Love" Lee Seung-gi
"Aren’t We Friends"
2013 "Eraser" So Ji-sub [37]
2014 "My Dear" Herself [38]
"You Are So Beautiful" Herself with Super JuniorEXO, Etc. [39]
2015 "Insensible" Herself with Lee Hong-gi [40]



Year Title / Track Album Notes Ref.
2006 "Love Rain" Tree of Heaven OST
2007 "Jingle Ha-Day" Jingle Ha-Day feat. Lee Seung-hwan
2009 "Lovely Day" You're Beautiful OST
"Without a Word"
2010 "It Was You" Cyrano Agency OST with Lee Min-jung
2011 "우주에서" Green Days: Dinosaur and I OST with Song Chang-eui
"The Day We Fall In Love" Heartstrings OST
"I Will Forget You" copy of CN Blue's song of the same

name from the album Bluetory

2012 "I Think of You" Music and Lyrics OST with Yoon Gun
"Memories" Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost OST released by KBS 2 TV’s Drama Special in 2014 [41]
2013 "Pitch Black" Flower Boys Next DoorOST
"Story" The Heirs OST
"Break Up For You,

Not Yet For Me"

Break Up For You,

Not Yet For Me

Standing Egg Remake
2014 "Arm Pillow" Arm Pillow Digital Single [42]
"My Dear" My Dear

with Yong Jun-hyung; composed by Park Shin-won, lyrics by Park Shin-won & Park Shin-hye

"Love Is Like Snow" Pinocchio OST composed by Park Shin-won, and Roco & Conan

of indie band Rocoberry and arranged by Rocoberry

2015 "Dreaming a Dream" composed by Roco, written by Ji Hoon and Goo Ji Ahn, and arranged by Rocoberry. [45]
"Perfect" Perfect SALTNPAPER feat. Park Shin Hye, written by Tablo. [46]

Show performance[edit]Edit

  • 2010 - You’re Beautiful 1st Fan Meeting in Japan (June 26, 2010)
  • 2010 - A.N. Show in Taipei (October 2, 2010)
  • 2012 - SSNIZEL, Angel's Birth (First Solo) Fan Meeting in Japan (February 24, 2012)
  • 2012 - Heartstrings Fan Meeting in Japan (July 16, 2012)[47]
  • 2013 - "Kiss of Angel" Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Manila, Philippines (March 16, 2013)
  • 2013 - "Kiss of Angel" Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Tokyo, Japan (March 24, 2013)
  • 2013 - "Kiss of Angel" Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Shanghai, China (May 18, 2013)
  • 2013 - "Kiss of Angel" Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand (June 29, 2013)
  • 2013 - Park Shin Hye's Christmas Special Present in Tokyo, Japan (December 21, 2013)[48]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye Birthday Party in Seoul, South Korea (February 15, 2014)[49]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in New York, US (May 1, 2014)[50]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Osaka, Japan (July 19, 2014)[51]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Tokyo, Japan (July 20, 2014)[52]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Shanghai, China (July 26, 2014)[53]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Chongqing, China (August 2, 2014)[54]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Shenzhen, China (August 3, 2014)[55]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Changsha, China (August 9, 2014)[56]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Beijing, China (August 10, 2014)[57]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Taipei, Taiwan (September 14, 2014)[58]
  • 2014 - Park Shin Hye World Tour : Story of Angel in Bangkok, Thailand (September 20, 2014)[59]
  • 2015 - Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Dream of Angel in Seoul, South Korea (February 14, 2015)
  • 2015 - Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Dream of Angel in Tokyo, Japan (March 15, 2015) [60]
  • 2015 - Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Dream of Angel in Shanghai, China (March 28, 2015)[61]
  • 2015 - Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Dream of Angel in Hong Kong (June 13, 2015)[62]
  • 2015 - Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Dream of Angel in Taipei, Taiwan (August 16, 2015)[63]
  • 2015 - Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Dream of Angel in Shenzhen, China (August 29, 2015)[64]
  • 2015 - Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Dream of Angel in Chengdu, China (September 12, 2015)



Year Product Notes Ref.
2004 Ssamzie Sports
Sugaray a brand under Hanbul Cosmetics
LG Telecom Aladdin
Pocari Sweat
McDonalds (China) with Guo Jingjing
2005 Case
2006 KTF Bigi with Kim Bum & Park Myung-soo
Clride with Ju Ji-hoon (2006-2007)
2007 Nike
Nongshim Noodles with Kim Dong-wook (2007-2008)
2008 Happy Point Card
G-Market Star-shop
Etude House with Jang Keun-suk (2008-2009) & Lee Min-ho (2009-2010)
2009 Olive / Fuji Camera
Lous Quatorze Candy Bag
Coca-Cola Dynamic Kin with Kim Hyun-joong
2010 Garden 5 with Jang Keun-suk
2011 MAC F/W
Codes Combine with Jang Keun-suk
2012 MBC Music Channel
Dr. Gowoonsesang Cosmetics [65]
Vivienne Westwood Orbit
Henus Edwin S.S (China market) 2012-2013
2013 Kolon Sports with Yoon Kye-sang
Fuji Instax Polaroid with Park Se-young
Market O Chocolate with Yoon Shi-yoonKim Ji-hoon, Etc.
Job Sarangbang
Holika - Holika with Jung Il-woo (2013-2014)
KEducar Life Insurance 2013-2014
Enprani Cosmetics 2013-2014 [66]
Vegemil 2013-2015
Jambangee Jeans with Lee Jong-suk (2013) & Ahn Jae-hyun (2014) [67]
2014 Bruno Magli 2014-2016 [68]
Tong Yi (in China) with Jang Keun-suk'(2014-2015) [69]
Mamonde with Go Kyung-pyo (2014-2016) [70]
Lotte Duty Free (2014-2016)'with Jang Keun-suk for Promotional Video "Dream Journey in Jeju" [71]
Median Dental Care with Yoo Yeon-seok'(2014-2016) [72]
Millet Sport with T.O.P Big Bang (2014) & Lee Jong-suk (2015) [73][74]
Yogiyo with Kang Ha-neul
Orion Goute (Vietnam) 2014-2015
Agatha Paris (Korea) French Jewellery Brand (2014-2016) [75]
Visa (Asia market) 2014-2016 [76]
2015 Mind Bridge with Sung Joon in South Korea and Park Hae-jin in China [77]
Viki [78]
Rapido (China) [79]
Lotte Department Store with Yoo Seung-ho (2015-2016) [80]
Ryo Shampoo (China) 2015-2016
HStyle (China) [81]
2016 Roem (China)

Runway shows[edit]Edit

  • 2008 - Seoul Collection for 2009 S/S Beyond Closet Fashion Show
  • 2011 Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC)[82]
  • 2012 Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC)[83]

Awards and nominations[edit]Edit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2003 SBS Drama Awards Best Young Actress Stairway to Heaven Won
2007 MBC Entertainment Awards Best Newcomer in a Variety Show Fantastic Partner Won
MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress Kimcheed Radish Cubes Nominated
2008 44thBaeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (TV) Nominated
2009 SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award,

Actress in a Drama Special

You're Beautiful Nominated
New Star Award Won
Best Couple Award

(with Jang Keun-suk)

2010 8th Korean Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Cyrano Agency Nominated
2011 47thBaeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actress (Film) Won
LETV Movies & TV Series Awards (China) Most Popular Actress N/A Won
5th Mnet 20's Choice Awards Hot Campus Goddess N/A Nominated
2012 48thBaeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actress (TV) Heartstrings Won
KBS Drama Awards Best Actress in a One-Act Special Don't Worry, I'm a Ghost Won
2013 6th Style Icon Awards The Natural-Born Beauty N/A Nominated
7th Mnet 20's Choice Awards 20's Movie Star Miracle in Cell No. 7 Nominated
49thBaeksang Arts Awards Best Supporting Actress (Film) Nominated
Most Popular Actress (Film) Won
17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Fantasia Award Won
33rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards Best Supporting Actress Won
2nd APAN Star Awards Acting Award Flower Boys Next Door Nominated
Anhui TV Drama Awards (China) Popular Foreign Actress The Heirs Won [84]
SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award,

Actress in Drama Special

Won [85]
Popularity Award Nominated
Top 10 Stars Won
Best Couple Award

(with Lee Min-ho)

2014 K-Star Awards Popularity Award Won
3rd Annual Dramafever Awards(USA) Best Actress Won
Best Couple Not Meant To Be (with Kim Woo Bin) Won
50thBaeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actress (TV) Won [86]
2nd Asia Rainbow TV Awards Outstanding Leading Actress Won [87]
9th Seoul International Drama Awards Outstanding Korean Actress Nominated
People's Choice Actress Nominated
7th Style Icon Awards Top 10 Style Icons N/A Nominated
16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival Best Young Actress The Heirs Nominated
3rd APAN Star Awards Excellence Award,

Actress in a Miniseries

SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award,

Actress in a Drama Special

Pinocchio Won
Top 10 Stars Won
Best Couple Award

(with Lee Jong-suk)

2015 51stBaeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (TV) Nominated
Most Popular Actress (Film) The Royal Tailor Won
iQiyi Star Award N/A Won
8thKorea Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress Pinocchio Nominated
6th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards Prime Minister's Award N/A Won
4thAPAN Star Awards Top Excellence Award,

Actress in a Miniseries

Pinocchio Nominated

Goodwill ambassador[edit]Edit

Park participated carrying out Korean cultural promotional activities[88] and known as ambassador of organization or event on listed below:

Year Title Campaign Organiser Notes Ref.
2009 PR Ambassador of Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) Association Internationale du Film D’ Animation (ASIFA) International N/A [89]
2010 PR Ambassador of 17th Jeonju Film Festival Jeonju International Film Festival(JIFF) with Song Joong-ki [90]
2011 PR Ambassador for 'Stop Hunger' campaign Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) Year 2011-2014, withYoon Shi-yoon, etc. [91]
2012 PR Ambassador of 49th Grand Bell Awards Grand Bell Awards with Joo Sang-wook [92]
2013 PR Ambassador for

Anti-Counterfeit Good Campaign

Korea Intellectual Property Protection Association (KIPRA) Year 2013-2014 [93]
2014 Chung-Ang Ambassador Chung-Ang University with Kwon Yuri,

Choi Sooyoung, and Kim Soo-hyun


Charity works[edit]Edit

In addition to the listed above, Park is actively engaged in charity works activities in low profile which are not published on media:

Charity in Nepal[edit]Edit

In 2009, Park visited the small village Tepatali in Nepal to share her Christmas love with ones in need. She loaded herself with stationary goodies like pencils and notebooks, items to improve education, as gifts for the Nepalese kids. Park even paid a personal visit to a specific family that was being raised by a 12-year-old boy, and managed to hand-build a windbreak on the spot. The female star continued her heartwarming labor by dressing up in a Santa Claus costume to decorate the kids' very first Christmas tree together. She even visited a quarry to help out the children who worked day and night to shatter the boulders with hammers as their only source of money.[96]

In April 2015, Park participated in helping victims after earthquake disaster in Nepal. A representative from Hunger Saver shared that Park, who has been a goodwill ambassador for Hunger Saver since 2011, donated 30 million won (approximately $28,000 USD) for the regions affected by the Nepal earthquake[97]

Charity in Ghana[edit]Edit

On September 2011, As Ambassadors of Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) Park went to Ghana. She met orphan child called Abanne. She sponsors and takes care of Abanne as her child.[98] Park also established Shinhye's Centre in Ghana included Library and Audio Visual Hall.

Participation in fundraising events[edit]Edit

On February 2011, Park participated in Lee Seung-hwan’s charity showcase called "Live with a Kind Heart Season 2" at AX-Korea stadium. The showcase helps to raise funds for the Children's Leukemia Foundation, as well as other various causes such as international aid for fair trade.

On 21 August 2012, the You're Beautiful actors Park along with Jung Yong-hwa and Lee Hong-gi participated in the 'Hopes, Dreams, Happy Trip to Korea' fund raising event hosted by non-profit organization 'Good Friends Save Children' (GFSC) at 5pm in Insadong, Jongno-gu Seoul to encourage young victims affected by the Japanese Tohoku earthquake in March last year.

Park joined the cause to help families of victims from the Sewol ferry tragedy.On April 23, 2014, a representative from Korea Disaster Relief Association Hope Bridge revealed that Park donated to support Sewol ferry relief efforts and families of the victims. It seemed like she didn’t want many people to know because she donated without letting her agency know.[99]

Charity events on birthday[edit]Edit

On her 21st birthday, 18 February 2011, Park took part in a volunteer project which gave out rice and food to the needy with her mother. As it was winter in Seoul at the time and the average daily temperature was below 10 degree Celsius that month. So the volunteer group decided to hand out hot food to the needy on this cold winter day. As well as, on her 20th birthday on 18 February 2010, Park and her mother also did volunteer work. When fan meeting, called "Angel's Birthday", is scheduled to be held on 24 February 2012 as the date is close to Park's 22nd birthday date, She also donated part of the proceeds of this concert to the charity.[100] Recently, Park had fan meeting on her 24th birthday and the profit from the event was donated to the charity.

During and after project[edit]Edit

On November 2010, Park teamed up with Etude House Taiwan for Charity to raise funds for the Red Heart Association Taiwan. After drama Flower Boys Next Door, Park was spotted distributing food to the needy at a traveling soup kitchen held by Babffor Organization in Seoul Dongdaemoon.[101] During The Heirs, Park take care staff with her generosity[102][103] and after the drama end, Park and Lee Min-ho attended a charity bazaar as soon as they finished filming the final episode of the drama and donated their items.[104]

Donation through fan meeting[edit]Edit

On July 16, at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Park and Jung Yong-hwa held a Japanese fan meet for their drama, ‘Heartstrings‘. The fan meeting gathered 10,000 fans, and a portion of the profits made from the fan meet was donated to charity.[105]

During Park Shin Hye 2013 Asia Tour: Kiss of Angel in Thailand, aside from meeting local press and fans, Park donated some of her personal belongings to a charity auction, with proceeds going to underprivileged patients at the National Cancer Institute.[106]

Park Shin held a solo fan meeting in China on March 28, 2015. The event even more special because Park has decided to donate all earnings from the meeting to two ongoing efforts: a ‘Star Light Village’ project in Ghana and a group protecting Chinese abandoned animals. Both projects address causes that she personally feels strongly about.

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