Misha , female, Chinese well-known cartoonist , illustrator.

Hangzhou looking through animation company culture and the arts have signed veteran cartoonist . Since November 2004 Misha released debut, " Air Girl" after they officially started the comic career. Has been published after the " next next ", " primitive book quotient sheep " and many short stories , are praised by readers .

April 2009 Ming Xiaoxi 's popular works "Summer " as the writer of Misha , officially launched the comic version , and "The Princess Chronicles " officially began his serial . Comic quickly popular north and south , has thus laid the girl Mischa comics industry in the country irreplaceable seats.

In 2010, at the Fourth China "Rising Star Cup" type original comic story contest , Misha with original short comic "month under Beauty" won the Silver Medal , along with other winners to Japan to attend the Japan Shueisha editorial department in-house training .

After six months of effort , the fall in September , under Mischa brush away a thousand stories - " Yanshi " gorgeous curtain opened . Mischa 's style and delicate, full of Aura 's characters have their own unique style, people look like a drunk after a cup of tea , focus on the details of the deal , is the industry's high hopes , was praised as the most potential Chinese cartoon industry one girl cartoonist . 2011 " Hidden Dragon Chak Yanshi " won the Golden Dragon Award for best shojo manga award.

Misha's comicsEdit

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