Jia Hui Li
Chinese name: 李珈惠
Date of birth: May 6, 1992 (age 22)
Place of Birth Qinghai, China
Nationality China
Occupation Model, host, actress
Years active
Education Communication University of China
Gender: Female
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type O

Jia Hui Li (李珈慧 Li Jia Hui, born November 8, 1988 in Fuzhou, China), is a model, actress, and host.

Career Edit

Jia Hui Li has appeared in a variety of television shows including 《美丽恋曲》《大武生》,and is the model for fashion magazines such as《瑞丽》,《淑媛》,《男人装》,《女友》,《时尚》,《Vogue》,《ELLE》,《芭莎》,《时尚伊人》, 《追求》, 《中国时装》 ,《现代服装》 ,《世界都市》and 《Bazaar》.

Trivia Edit

Her favorite sports are sleeping, swimming, and dancing.

Her favorite colors are red, back, and white.

Her favorite cities are Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Her favorite foods are Spaghetti and cherries.

Her favorite brand is Chanel.

Her favorite music genre is jazz.

Her favorite song is "贝多芬的悲伤".

Her favorite pet are dogs.

Her favorite actresses are Keiko Kitagawa and Fan Bing Bing.

Gallery Edit

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