Elva Hsiao
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Chinese name: 蕭亞軒
Date of birth: August 24, 1979 (age 35)
Place of birth: Zhongli City, Taoyuan County (now Zhongli District, Taoyuan City), Republic of
Nationality Taiwan
Education John Casablancas Institute
Occupation Singer
Years active 1996–present
Agent Sony Music Entertainment
Gender: Female
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: A

Biography Edit

She was educated at John Casablanca's College in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is fluent in both written and spoken English. While in Vancouver, she attended the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition in 1998 with her birth name of Hsiao Ya-Chih (蕭雅之). She became one of the 12 finalists but did not place in the top 5. She sang CoCo Lee's "Love Me A Little Longer (Chinese: 愛我久一點)". In that competition there were 3 other Taiwanese recent singers, 183 Club member Jacky Chu (祝釩剛), who was the winner, DJ Ruby Lu (盧春如), 1st Runner-Up and Michelle*Vickie (蜜雪薇琪) member Michelle Hsu (now known as Mimi or Michelle). In 2010, she admitted to receiving double eyelid surgery at a media event, after years of speculation from netizens.

Love Life Edit

Kai, and Elva's May-December romance was revealed when they were caught dating at a park in 2012. However it was announced that Elva Hsiao ended the romance in June 2014. Elva Hsiao stated that 'everything ends here'. Rumors says that their 12-year age gap could be a barrier for the couple.

Music career Edit

Elva was originally signed to Virgin Records Taiwan, a sub-label of EMI, which created the Chinese stage name (蕭亞軒) for her. Her self-titled début album in 1999 sold over 1 million copies in Asia and cemented her status in the Chinese music industry.

In 2001, Elva won the award for Best Selling Chinese Artist at the 2001 World Music Awards held in Monaco on 2 May.[4]

In 2002, Elva recorded the song "U Make Me Wanna" with British boy band Blue, which appeared on her album Love's Theme Song, Kiss. Virgin Records and Elva parted ways in the summer of 2004.

For a year, Elva rested as record companies fought over her next contract. It ended up becoming a battle between Warner Music Taiwan and Sony BMG, with Warner Music winning the battle in the end. Elva signed into Warner Music on 23 March 2005, making her Warner Taiwan's "fifth diva" (after Sammi Cheng, A-Mei Chang, Na Ying, and Stefanie Sun).[5] Fans were overjoyed at this, and waited for the coming of a new album, which Warner had promised would be released in June 2005.

However, Warner Music Taiwan was facing internal issues during this period, including executives resigning and a change of staff members. Many other Warner artists (including Stefanie Sun, Machi, A-Mei, and F.I.R.) were affected and did not see much promotion on their albums. However, none faced as much trouble as Elva, whose album was delayed from September till December and eventually Warner announced that the album would be delayed indefinitely. This angered the fans, who had been waiting patiently. Their protests spammed the forums of Warner Music Taiwan, causing the entire website to be out of service for a week.

In February 2006, a Warner representative promised in an interview that the album would be released around late March/early April. It was only a few weeks later that magazine articles reported another change of staff members and the possibilities of the album being delayed into late April/early May. In June 2006, she released a new single, entitled "The World I Want" [我要的世界].

In October 2006, the delayed album still had not been released, although Elva announced that it would be released in December. At that time she was in Los Angeles working on dance choreography. In addition, she released another new promotion single entitled "Elva Is Back", a fast catchy song featuring electro beats and raps. A dance song “Confession”(表白) made the top 10. Elva and Warner Music announced in November that her newest album would be released on 22 December. The album is called 1087, signifying the number of days Elva had been absent from the Mandopop scene.

She released the music video for her single called "Confession" in mid-2007. Her next singles were "L.o.V.E", "Not Far Away", "The Ambassador", "Honey Honey Honey", and "My Boyfriend".

Back to EMI Edit

After the contract with Warner Music, Elva decided to switch back to EMI Virgin Records in 2008. She described the switch as "going back home" as she was among the first few artists signed by Virgin Music Chinese in 1999 when the division was first established. Some critics also commented Elva was avoiding the back of Warner's original General Manager Sam Chen who has a bad name in Chinese music industry in controlling and creating fake statistics for his artists. The rumoured contract cost EMI over NT$250 million which is over HKD 60 million or about USD 8 million. Johanna Wang, President of EMI Music Taiwan commented that the action of signing Elva was proving they (EMI) are not going to quit the Chinese music scene. Instead, they would create a new entertainment empire spanning over film productions, artist management, concert production, publishing and both digital and traditional music industries.

Elva's first album back with EMI,三面夏娃, was originally set to be released in late May 2008. But due to the delay in production and of China's approval due to the Olympic Games, the album was pushed back and released on 13 June 2008.

Elva switched her record company to Gold Typhoon after Gold Label Record's acquisition of EMI Music Taiwan in August 2008.

Film and other media work Edit

In Taiwan, she has done television commercials for a wide diversity of products, ranging from mobile phones to jewellery to makeup, for major brands such as Avon, De Beers, Motorola, Pantene, and Sprite. She has had film roles in two movies: Infernal Affairs (2002) and The Butterfly Lovers (2004). She is no longer participating in Fresh Tomato for Sauce (Announced 2007). However, she is currently in talks to play a role in the TV series Less Than Zero, a retake on Bret Easton Ellis' famous novel that will be set in Taipei. She will play the role of Julie Chang, a UCLA business major interning in Taipei with Smith Barney.

By joining EMI Virgin Records, the EMI's Gold Label Records which is seen as an inter-industrial agency is starting to find scripts and tailor-made roles for Elva as she plans to have more participation in movies under EMI, as part of changes to the strategic plans of EMI in the Asia-Pacific market. She will have a role in an upcoming TV series called 大江大海一九四九, which seeks to chronicle the material covered in Lung Ying-tai's novel of the same name (which chronicles the Chinese Civil War).

The first cross-media work is the co-partnership with Puma which Elva would become the spokesperson of Puma and Puma would buy media place including TVCs, print ads, billboards for the label and Elva's album. Puma would also sponsor Elva's music video "I'll Be There".

Discography Edit

Studio Edit

# English Title Chinese Title Released Label
1st Elva Hsiao Self-Titled Album 蕭亞軒同名專輯 17 November 1999 Virgin Records Taiwan
2nd Red Rose 紅薔薇 15 August 2000 Virgin Records Taiwan
3rd Tomorrow 明天 21 April 2001 Virgin Records Taiwan
4th 4U
11 February 2002 Virgin Records Taiwan
5th Love's Theme Song, Kiss 愛的主打歌,吻 1 November 2002 Virgin Records Taiwan
6th In Love with Love 愛上愛 16 May 2003 Virgin Records Taiwan
7th Fifth Avenue 第五大道 31 December 2003 Virgin Records Taiwan
8th 1087 1087 22 December 2006 Warner Music Taiwan
9th 3-Faced Elva 3面夏娃 15 June 2008 EMI Music Taiwan
10th Diamond Candy 鑽石糖 9 October 2009 Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)
11th Miss Elva 蕭灑小姐 24 September 2010 Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)
12th I'm Ready 我愛我 23 December 2011 Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)
13th Shut Up and Kiss Me 不解釋親吻 1 September 2014 Sony Music (Taiwan)

English album Edit

# Name Released Label
1st Elva First 23 October 2001 Virgin Records Taiwan

Compilations Edit

# English Title Chinese Title Released Label
1st Beautiful Episode 美麗的插曲 16 July 2004 Virgin Records Taiwan
2nd Love Elva... Remix & More 最熟悉的...蕭亞軒 8 December 2006 Virgin Records Taiwan
3rd Super Girl 愛無畏 22 December 2012 Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)

Awards and nominations Edit

Year Award Category Nomination Result Ref
2000 Hong Kong TVB8 Awards Best New Artist (Bronze) Elva Hsiao Won
2001 World Music Awards Best Selling Chinese Artist Elva Hsiao Won
2008 Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards Songs of the Year "I'll Be There" from 3-Faced Elva Won
Best Singer Dancer Elva Hsiao Won
Best Female Singer (overseas) Elva Hsiao Won
Best Asia Singer Elva Hsiao Won

References Edit