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Dicky and his father are a poor family living on top of a dump in China. One day Chow Ti (Dicky's dad) finds a strange object in the dump and brings it home to his son to play with thinking it is a toy or something. A couple of days later it starts to make and make weird noises, and eventually hatches and a "alien dog" comes out and scares Dicky. Dicky, thinking it is a powerful and strong alien who can help him out with everything, takes him to school thinking he will help him cheat to pass the exam. After finding out that the "Space dog" being powerful was just a dream and he is really just a little alien pet, Dicky freaks out making the mistake of saying the "Alien dog" lied. Forgiving him and bringing him back home, Dicky names him CJ7 and who's life does he save?

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