Beijing Geely University
Motto We walk into campus in order to step into a better society(走进校园是为了更好地走向社会)
Chinese name 北京吉利大学
Established 2000
Type Private
President 王兴贵(Wang XinGui)
Location Beijing, China

Located in the scenic zone of the Changping Sci-tech Park with its suburban tranquility, Beijing Geely University (BGU) is a private comprehensive university founded by the Geely Group in the year 2000. It is ratified by the Beijing People’s Municipal Government and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. 

The university started enrolling full-time students on higher vocational programmes in 2001. Its campus stretches over a land area of 106 hectares, with a gross floor area of nearly five hundred thousand square metres. It has in excess of 1000 faculty and administrative staff and accommodates some 30,000 full-time students. 

L' University includes/understands 15 schools: l' School d' economy, automobile School of technology, l' School of genius of l' information, School of journalism and communication, School of foreign languages, financing of the schools and the transferable securities, School off Modern Arts, Faculty of Law and the policy, l' school of the life science and technology, l' school d' animation and of plays, l' school of social psychology, Music school and of Dance, economic School of culture, l' School of cinema and television and euro-American d' international studies. It ya also two research institutes: Car Research Institute and l' Research institute in education.

History Edit

2000, the creation of Beijing Geely Training Institute

2001, Beijing Geely University upgraded for colleges

2002, Beijing Guangming Chinese Medicine Training Institute is incorporated

May 4, 2014, the Ministry of Education issued a document approved by Beijing Geely University undergraduate colleges upgraded and renamed Beijing Geely College.

Academics Edit

Colleges Edit

As of 2014 the school has nine Secondary School College of Automotive Engineering, School of Business, School of Management, College of Finance and Economics, Institute of Technology, School of Humanities, School of Design, the Art Institute, and other European and American International College.

Number   Colleges Fields
1   College of Automotive Engineering  Vehicle engineering, automotive service engineering, electrical engineering
2   School of Marketing   Tourism Management, pharmaceutical business and management, marketing management
3   School of Management   Logistics Department, Department of Business Administration
4   Institute of Finance   Management and valuation, real estate, accounting, finance and securities  
5   Institute of Computer Application Technology  Computer Application Technology (Website Design and Management)  
6   College of Humanities Department of Journalism Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education  
7   School of Design   Animation design professional group, professional group of environmental art, art and design professional group
8 CTS Media Institute Broadcasting and Hosting (Dong Hao classes)、music theater performances (Sambo classes), etc.
9   Institute of the Arts   Table arts (film and theater performances direction), performing arts (film director and production)
10   European and American International School   Business English, Business Administration, Computer Application Technology / Digital Media Production

Achievements Edit

School to build nearly 500, including part-time professors, associate professors, senior engineer, outstanding faculty. Beijing Geeling University has won the Distinguished Teacher, the Beijing education model, vocational schools Beijing outstanding young teachers, Beijing and Beijing Private Education of Young College Teacher Award of excellence plans and many other awards and honors.

Faculty Edit

As of 2014 the school has a full-time staff of more than 1,500 people, including two academicians, 22 doctoral tutor, professors, associate professors 118.

== Foreign Cooperation


The school has school-enterprise cooperation, order training, combining production and practical training, etc., in collaboration with Volvo Cars, Vanke Group, hundreds of well-known medium-sized enterprises, for the majority of students to create a broad platform for practical training and employment channels The average employment rate of around 95% per year.

School Facilities Edit

School House 2, 4 expert Dr. House, three student dining floor. School construction worth more than $ 10 million of the campus network, equipped with more than 2500 computers for students to use.

The school has six grass soccer fields, 42 basketball courts, 40 volleyball courts, four tennis courts, a tennis hall, a fitness Square, a standard plastic track and field, six badminton courts, two swimming pools . Supermarkets, hospitals, large bathroom, laundry room, mail room, bank automated teller machines and other life service facilities.

3 large student cafeteria, two upscale restaurants, a halal restaurant, a restaurant staff, teachers and students can more than meet the above meal.

22 student apartments, all equipped with private bathroom, heating, telephone, internet access, air conditioning part of the configuration. Strictly regulate student apartment management, campus security 24 hours on duty, learning environment elegant, convenient, safe, comfortable, has been awarded the Beijing standardized student apartments.

School Honors Edit

May 4, 2014, the Ministry of Education issued a document approved by Beijing Geely University undergraduate colleges upgraded and renamed Beijing Geely College.

In 2013 the school was honored as "2013's most influential private colleges";

2012 River at a speed of 674.44 students Xiuxiang words / minute to create a new world record for Chinese character input;

China won the 2012 school network "in 2012 the most comprehensive strength of private universities";

In June 2011, approved by the Ministry of Education, the school was awarded the title of China Association of Private Education "Excellent Chinese Private Higher Education Institutions";

2011 China Alumni Network, "2011 China the most media attention first private university rankings";

2010 get Tencent Education Annual Billboard, "China's top ten brands of Private Colleges";

2010 to obtain Xinhua Education Forum - Big Nations Educational sound "top ten most influential private university";

2010 by China Education Annual Billboard Sohu Education Festival "China's top ten brands of Private Colleges";

2010 China Alumni Network "2010 China the most media attention first private university rankings";

May 2010 Beijing Capital universities get the 48th University Athletics Games Outstanding Contribution Award;

In 2009 the school received forty-seventh Capital University Athletics Games fifth group;

In 2009 the school received Beijing University Table Tennis Federation Cup team title;

In 2009 the school received "54 Cup" basketball tournament second capital of college students;

2009 Beijing college students get school billiards league team title;

2008 school college students to obtain capital bodybuilding contest the third group (80KG champion, 75KG runner, 60KG runner-up);

In 2008 the school received Beijing University Table Tennis Championships women's team championship, doubles champion, snatch fifth place;

In 2008 the school received college basketball championship tournament capital of the third;

2008 and 2009, the school received Beijing University Football League Group B second, third;

In 2007 the school was named "2006 Beijing Private Higher security and stability of advanced units";

In 2007 the school was named "China Top Brand Private University";

In 2006 the school was named "2006 graduate of the most competitive educational institutions";

In 2006 the school was named "citizen satisfaction highest educational institution";

In 2006 the school was named "Top Ten Private Universities";

In 2006 the school was named "Chinese private higher education teaching quality 20";

In 2006 the school was named "China Top Ten integrity of private colleges and universities";

In 2005 the school won the "people's satisfaction with private universities";

In 2005 the school was listed as the Ministry of Finance directly funding the construction of vehicle maintenance training base unit;

2005 China Education Annual Billboard, our school was named "China's top ten private universities";

In 2005 the school was "Beijing people were satisfied with the private university";

In 2004 and 2005 the school was named "private universities nationwide high school students the most desirable";

In 2004 the school was named one of the most comprehensive strength of private universities in China;

In 2004 the school was identified seven national ministries for the National Automobile shortage of talent training base;

In 2003 the school was named "Capital Combat SARS advanced collective";

In 2002 the school won the "2002 China top ten private universities";

== Research


As of 2014 the library has more than 650,000 volumes of books, periodicals 503 kinds, 40 kinds of newspapers, books and 150,000 digitized, eight kinds of databases. Full implementation of the business library automation management, access control and identification theft, document queries, borrow books also, information dissemination and other systems readily available.

Gallery Edit

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