Battle of Changsha is a TV drama which is presented by Shandong Film & TV Group Co. LTD, producer Hou Hongliang and is first aired in channel CCTV-8 on 14 July 2014.

Plot Edit

Battle of Changsha tells a story about an ordinary family in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, coping with the Anti-Japanese war between 1938 and 1945, reflecting Chinese people’s lives during that ill-fated period.

With the Japanese air-raid and students’ protest as the background, the drama begins with the narration of Hu Xiangxiang, a 16-year-old high school student, spoiled but innocent and inner-directed girl who is running away from a blind date set up by her brother-in-law, Xue Junshan, who's arranging to marry her off, then leave Changsha to avoid the war there. Besides, Hu Xiangxiang's family also want to find an escape to protect her twin brother, Hu Xiangjiang(also known as Xiao Man). The person for the blind date is Gu Qingming, a senior Kuomintang(KMT) strategy adviser of the battle who is totally different from those people who want to stay away from the war. He is eager to fight against the Japanese even though his family, especially his father is strongly against him to go into the battle instead of going abroad to save his life.

They didn’t start off on good terms and Xue Junshan had to pick another man as the fiancé for Hu Xiangxiang. In the meantime, then Chinese president Chiang Kai-shek demanded a scorched-earth policy in attempt to stop the Japanese from advancing, but the policy went terribly wrong. As the result, the whole city was burnt to ashes even before Japanese troops’ intruding. Tens of hundreds of people were burned to death in their sleep including Xiangxiang’s fiancé and family.

Hu Xiangxiang is still fairly ignorant about what a war is really like and all she wants to do is escaping. However, during the times of war, the 16 year-old girl is forced to grow up quickly. After seeing a series of deaths of family members and killings carried out by Japanese troops, Xiangxiang and Xiao Man get themselves involved into the war. She chose to be a nurse in order to save lives as much as possible. They are also deeply touched by the constant help from Gu Qingming whenever needed and his passion to save the country. The romance between Xiangxiang and Gu Qingming blossoms in the most chaotic time of China.

Behind the scene Edit

Battle of Changsha has received mostly positive comments and achieved the highest score on, 9.2.

"Wallace comes from Taiwan and he's got the quality that matches the role of Gu Qingming who has studied overseas and come back to China to serve in the army."-Kong Sheng

"There's no labelled heroes in this drama. Everyone has imperfections and all they want is just a happy family life initially. They just did their bit for the country in the war." - Wallace Huo in one of the interviews.[4]

The drama centres on the breakdown of Hu Xiangxiang's family, not directly narrating a brutal military disaster in Changsha, from a family's perspective, on how the war "kills" the whole family members and brings about uncountable loss to Chinese life. - Film review

Main characters Edit

Role Cast Brief description
Gu Qingming


Wallace Huo A senior Kuomintang(KMT) strategy adviser of the battle(Hu Xiangxiang's husband)
Hu Xiangxiang


Yang Zi Daughter of a tailoress(Gu Qingming's wife)
Hu Xiangjun Zuo Xiaoqing Elder sister of twins
Xue Junshan Ren Chengwei Hu Xiangjun's husband
Hu Xiaoman Niu Junfeng Twin brother of Hu Xiangxiang
Grandma Hu Wang Caiping A skilled tailor
Hu Xiangning Yang Xinming A humble but courageous intellectual
Liu Duoci Mu Liyan Hu Xiangning's wife, a tailoress trained by Grandma Hu
Liu Minghan Gao Xin Hu Xiangjun's cousin&former boyfriend
Xiuxiu Liu Zhenjun Liu Minghan's younger sister

Featured songs Edit

Title Singer
我会记得你 (I Will Remember You) Wallace Huo & Yang Zi

Broadcasts Edit

Year Date Title Network
2014 14 July Battle of Changsha CCTV-8

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